Over the past decades I have portrayed people in many different countries.
Taking portraits is always an honor and a challenge.
A portrait is how the photographer sees you and he always hopes you are happy with the portrait.
But the most important thing is that it shows a little bit of you in a photo

Portraits Analogue

Shooting with my Hasselblad from 1975 (my birth year) is 100% photography for me.
I love shooting film with that nice coarse grain.
The tension as you develop the film and then finally the result is a beautiful way to experience photography


Do you remember when you were a teenager?
I remember it being the time of uncertainty and doubt.
I like to photograph teenagers.
And especially to try to show how they feel.


I got to photograph a lot of people.
World famous people, but also people who live in poverty.
Every photo has the challenge to make something that is your image of that person