Wat Pah Korwang

Wat Pah Korwang is located in the woods near Nan in Thailand.
This monastic monastery is very special.
They follow the Buddhist rules closely.
1 meal per day that they pick up themselves from the local residents.
The first prayers start at 3 am in the morning every day.
If it’s a buddha day, they don’t sleep for 24 hours.
No cell phones allowed and sleeping on the floor.
Many hundreds of young monks join this monastery for several months.
The head monk has been a monk for 32 years and welcomes everyone with open arms.
That’s how I was able to make this report.

The boy who doesn’t speak

Momoudou is a young boy from Gambia (Africa)
His friends call him “The boy who doesn’t speak”
He is deaf and there are no special facilities for him in The Gambia.
If they were there, his parents wouldn’t have the money to send him there.
That’s why Momodou goes to a regular school where he has trouble keeping up with the pace.
Fortunately, his friends always help him.